Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Wow, my first blog post. I wanted to get started with a bang, but all I really have to write about at this point is my building anxiety and anticipation as my departure date draws nearer (dum dum dum). I officially fly out of Tampa, FL at 11:55 AM on Sunday, and I'll land in Pisa, Italy on Monday, with stops in New York City and London along the way. 18 hours of flying would sound horrifically torturous to most people, but I'm looking forward to it. For some strange reason, I seem to have developed a fondness for hanging out in airports.

I drove home from Gainesville late last night after some tearful goodbyes to my friends (the girls, at least, were tearful; the boys were nonchalant, but I know they'll miss me, too). It doesn't seem real that I won't be going back to UF until August, and that I won't see most of my friends until June, if then. I have a lot to do before departure on Sunday, so it's hard to focus on being sad about missing out on the shenanigans my friends are sure to get into this semester. I still haven't packed, which is the most daunting task of all...I plan to procrastinate by getting a haircut, downloading new music, prepping my internship applications, and shopping for some last minute items like socks, sweaters, and outlet adapters. I really need to get busy, but I decided that customizing my blog sounded like a better idea.

I bummed around the house all day doing nothing but watching Law&Order after my orthopaedic appointment this morning. Thanks to my own idiotic clumsiness (I'm sure it's hereditary), I'm supposed to wear this post-op boot for 4 - 6 weeks....looks like I'll be making a fashion statement when I arrive in Italy. My mom is already making jokes about bedazzling it or writing some designer's name on it. It would be funny if the damn thing wasn't already giving me a blister on my heel.

So, we're officially at T-minus three days until departure. When did that happen?

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  1. Go Alaina! We are so excited for you -- can't wait to read about your adventures.