Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fiesole, falafel, and fickle weather.

Florence's weather has been playing games with our hearts. After a teasing few days of sunny, warm goodness, I woke up today to a stubbornly overcast sky, with a side of chilly wind. Not the best weather for my writing class field trip to Fiesole, but we made do.

Fiesole is a small town loacted in the hills that surround Florence, famous for its ancient Roman ruins and spectacular views of Florence. I took a 20 minute bus ride up to the city and was welcomed with some pretty spectacular landscapes that refused to be captured on film. Rest assured that the real thing is so much better.

Yep, that sprawl of building is Florence. Hard to believe.
It was an uphill hike to get those shots, but compared to the hike in Cinque Terre on Sunday, this was nothing.

We settled in the courtyard outside an old Franciscan monastery to write. The topic was the clash between our expectations of life in Florence and the reality of actually living here. I wasn't fond of how my writing turned out the first time around, but with some tweaking, I feel like it could work. I'll probably share the piece I wrote on London before spring break first, but maybe you'll get to see both if you're lucky.

I spent most of the afternoon just bumming around the apartment before the roommates and I headed out for our usual Ethnic Tuesday dinner. Tonight's ethnicity?...Jewish? Haha. Gillian and I have been craving hummus like none other, so when she found a local kosher vegetarian place with HUMMUS as an antipasto, we had to go.

Now that I'm done enjoying my hummus and falafel, Sam and I are drinking wine in preparation for heading out to the bars. I'm already exhausted, so I'm steeling myself for a very long night out...wish me luck!

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