Thursday, February 18, 2010

free dinner? yes, please.

This is rapidly disintegrating into a food blog peppered with chatter about the occasional day trip. It seems like I talk/think about food way more often here than at home, but I guess that is just a symptom of Italian living.

My friend Mary invited me to dinner tonight with a faculty advisor for the James Madison University Florence study abroad program. Apparently the woman, Peggy, is good friends with Mary's parents, so the woman invited us over to catch up and talk about our programs.

We started with a couple of glasses of red wine while Peggy finished prepping dinner. I was personally very impressed with the spread. Please keep in mind, however, that this sense of awe is coming from a girl who routinely eats instant oatmeal and diet coke for dinner back home.

Our antipasti was freshly made bruschetta.....yumm.

For primi piatti, Peggy made a salad with onion, tomato, chickpeas crouton-y type things, balsamic vinegar, cheese, and olive oil.

Our main ourse was chicken breast made with some kind of balsamic vinegar marinade and sage. Forgot to photograph it, WHOOPS.

Peggy picked up some pastries from a bakery for dessert. I got one with strawberries.

Dinner was DELICIOUS, and I was quite happy to have been invited. Peggy said that she also usually has the JMU kids over to her apartment for dinner about once a week, and invited us to come, which I'm excited about. I'm always up for meeting new people here.
It's Thursday, and I'm already skipping my weekly top ten post. My bad. I'll do it tomorrow, I promise.
Tonight, Sam and I are going out to "Nutella Night" at a club called Twice, which we've been too many a-time. I'm not usually a fan of this club (it's full of career creepers), but any place that is giving out free samples of nutella and nutella shots all night has won my approval for at least a few hours.

P.S. My roommates and I are singing Lady GaGa right now. We are soulmates; I knew it.


  1. ohohooooooooooooooooohoooohohoohoh caught in a bad romance...rarararara-a, roma-romama-a, gaga oh la la-a...I <3 our household singalongs.

  2. Did the fact that your parents attended and gradutated from JMU come up??? Who is Mary?? How far is the JMU program set up? Are they setup like fsu in london?? How good are nutella shots that sounds rather disgusting. Would love to be fly on wall and hear the singalongs....gaga

  3. WOWOW! WIll you cook for me when i get home?

  4. saaddd day. someone has replaced the GaGa part of me in your life :[. LOL. Shan is going to kill me before you come because of our Lady.

    Everything looks delicious. Except for the veal.