Friday, February 12, 2010

just another day in italy.

Today was fairly uneventful, so no photos to add. Sorry.

We all slept in today, which was glorious. Sat around the kitchen table, munching, watching TV shows, reading books, doing homework. Then Sam, Gillian and I decided to venture out in search of boots. The other two found a pair each, but I was again unsuccessful. My own pickiness (and genetic-mutationally-large feet) make it quite difficult, but I'm sure that if I am patient, I will be rewarded with a pair of boots that I love.

Speaking of falling in love, I also tried on my first leather jacket since I arrived. This is an action I have been avoiding, often running through the open air market with my head ducked, all but singing "I CAN'T HEAR YOU I CANT HEAR YOU," trying not to look at the jackets or listen to the salespeople desperately trying to arouse my interest. The problem is that my interest is already aroused, but I want to take my time and find the best jacket for the best deal. Of course, I fell hard for the real-leather bomber jacket that I put on today. At a special price of 120 euro (NOT BAD, BELIEVE ME) I almost fell for it. But no. I just booked a flight to Barcelona today, and trips to Amsterdam, Prague, and Vienna are all in talks. And I'd rather have those than a leather jacket.

Tomorrow morning, the API program departs for Venice at 6 AM sharp. We are all extremely pleased to be waking up this early, but at least we'll get to spend better part of the day there. Carnivale is supposed to be crazy, so I'm really looking forward to it. I won't have my computer, so no updates until Sunday night, probably.

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  1. I still want a leather jacket. we need to make this happen before you come back to the states. of course, it would help if i had $150 to blow on a leather jacket. le sigh.