Friday, March 26, 2010

lounging in london.

Current location: Jessica's flat, on her ridiculously comfortable bed. Jess is currently putting her face on before we head to Borough Market and hopefully Kingston later this evening, if the weather decides to cooperate.

Since I've been here, Jess and her boyfriend, Lucio, have been showing me the less-touristy side of London. It has been heavily coffee-themed, with a prominent side of balconies and delicious little restaurants (and one cookie store in particular that has stolen my heart). I've been extremely tired ever since I got here, so it has been nice to just kind of lounge about and catch up with everything that has been going on in Jessica's hectic life.

Like I said, we are about to head to Borough Market, a large food market located eastward, across the river. Onalee recommended that I visit since I missed out last time, and Jess's roommate Elaiha just mentioned a fantastic veggie burger place over there where I am hoping to nab a (second) lunch (Jessica just force fed me some pasta left over from her and Lucio's lunch). We have been wanting to hit up Kingston ever since my first day here, but a combination of weather and homework have made it a bit difficult. Hopefully the rain will stay away so that this evening we can go have a nice dinner on the river.

Then, much later tonight, I get to catch a train from King's Cross to Stansted Airport, where I'll catch a flight to Eindhoven, Netherlands at 6:55 AM. Ew. Hopefully the Dutch can at least attempt to compete with the culinary and coffee experience I've had thus far in London.

This post seems a bit incoherent. I'm telling you, I have been out of it this whole week, ever since before Dublin, even. I hope I'm not getting sick, because when I get back to Florence on Monday, I officially have less than two months left abroad. WHAT?


  1. Glad to hear that you slowed down and took abvantage of smelling the roasted coffee beans. Nothing like leisurely enjoying your friends. Don't give in and get sick fight it off you are made of sterner stuff. Remember to squeeze every moment out of your time left. <3 mom

  2. You must stop talking about this "less than 2 months left" business. Let me be in denial. trip to bologna over easter break?