Monday, March 29, 2010

there's no place like florence.

Well, I just arrived back at my apartment in Florence, and immediately threw open my suitcase, grabbed my shampoo, and took a shower. A whole day of traveling by train, bus, and plane can make a girl feel a little disgusting. I'm also currently boiling a pot of pasta for an early dinner, considering I have eaten nothing but peanut M&M's since 7:00 AM this morning.

I had an incredible (and crazy) spring break, but I am definitely wiped! I think I'll need another break to recover from spring break.

I have a lot to update on, but I may not get to it until tomorrow (and it will probably take several days to cover everything...attempting to cover 10 days, 4 countries, and 4 cities in one entry is exhausting to even think about). Of course, never underestimate my powers of procrastination...tonight I have to: do laundry, clean my room, finish a paper for my writing class, do my Italian homework, and hopefully start uploading and sorting the 1000+ pictures I took.


  1. Procrastination Queen!!Some things never change. It is reassuring how constant you are. Glad you are back safe and that your spring break was busy and fun. Can't wait to see!! <3 mom