Thursday, March 18, 2010

thoughts on spring break and buying wine in bulk.

Today, I took my last midterm. Tomorrow, I am hopping a train at 4:35 AM to catch an 11:15 AM flight...because it costs 16 euro less. I think I inherited a few of my father's money-conscious tendencies. I will land in Dublin at 1:15 PM, where I will spend three days, departing Monday to spend an evening in Belfast, Northern Ireland. From there, I will go back to Dublin to fly to London, where I will spend four (hopefully restful) days, just exploring the city and hanging out with Jess. Superearly Saturday morning, I will fly to Eindhoven, Netherlands and then catch a bus to Amsterdam, from which I will return to Pisa on Monday afternoon. Phew! That sounds exhausting.

Spring break is going to be incredibly fun, but also very tiring. I'm starting to wish that I'd booked an earlier flight back, just so that I can rest before school starts all over again, but I intend to live up my 11 days away from Italy! I won't be leaving the country again until the end of April for my trip to Barcelona (how crazy does that sound? "I won't be leaving the country again until a month from now...").

So this afternoon, after a celebratory midterms-are-over lunch in my kitchen, me and the roomies hit the town to run a few errands...print a few travel documents for the anal traveler who NEEDS the weather forecast and directions to every hostel printed some locks for the hostels...and of course, buy wine in bulk.


Yes, you heard right. You buy one of these bottles...

And they fill it up for you from one of these giant vats...

For really cheap! Like 2 euro per liter.
Crazy, right?

Look! It's glowing.
This was actually Sam's wine, but I was intrigued with the process. Might have to buy my own (smaller bottle) when I get back from break. It's just another one of those ridiculous things that Italy does that when you stop to think about it is actually kind of ingenius. No, the wine is probably not the best quality, but none of us are winos here; wine is wine! And if it's cheapest to drink it out of a refillable bottle, then, goshdarnit, I'm gonna!

And for my father, who was inquiring about grocery stores here, I was an incredible tourist and took photos of the inside. I try to buy fresh produce from the central market, but the grocery store is just so convenient! Two blocks away.
Not nearly as pretty as il mercato centrale.

The grocery stores here are not like they are at home. Instead of one giant room filled with aisles, they are just a series of rooms with small shelves in each one. It can be quite a maze.

I can't believe I am actually leaving tomorrow for spring break. That means my time here is half over! It is so bittersweet for me...on the one hand, I never want to leave Italy. I love it here. But on the other hand, the idea of going home and just spending my summer relaxing and focusing on me sounds really irresistable. And I miss UF, a lot more than I thought I would. At this point, I'm just trying to take it as it comes and not wish for it to go any faster or slower. Just enjoy my time while it lasts, and I'll be ready to go home when the time comes.

I'll try to update while I'm on spring break, but I make no promises. It may be March 29 the next time you hear from me. Arrivederci!


  1. Don't say it's half over. Putting it in print makes it really true and I am enjoying living in sweet sweet denial.

  2. I had to laugh at the comment about inheriting your father's money's DEF a Waagner gene!
    Enjoy your Spring Break! Take lots of pics! Can't wait to hear all about it :)
    And refillable wine bottles sounds awesome....why hasn't the US thought about that?!

  3. ummm... wine for me possibly? Cabernet is good for me ;)