Tuesday, March 23, 2010

planes, trains, and automobiles.

Why, hello there! Do I actually still have a blog? Doesn't feel like it after being away for like...four whole days. Haha. Can you say addicted?

Anyway, we just made it to London this evening...at least, some of us did. KJ lost her passport at some point on the way from Galway to the Dublin airport, so she and Laura are stuck in Dublin until she can get to the embassy tomorrow and try to sort things out. That means that I am in London with their roommates that I barely know (and have very little in common with)....uhhhhh.....awkward.

This whole weekend was super intense traveling though! I have been on four buses,three trains, two planes, and the London Underground since last Friday morning. It's like the 12 Days of Christmas, except it's the 12 modes of travel. And I've still got at least two more planes, a train, and two more bus rides in my very near future. Lovin' life, folks.

I'm not going for a real update here; just logging into say that I survived Ireland (BARELY. So. Much. Guinness.) and am now back in England, ready to just drink some coffee, read my book, and maybe go to some museums. Since I have already been here, I don't feel super pressured to get around to all the touristy sights or go out super late at night to party. This is my rest between the craziness that was Ireland and what is sure to be madness when I meet up with Sam and her friends in Amsterdam this weekend. Time to relaxxxxxx!

Ciao for now! (Yeah, I keep forgetting they speak English here and speaking to them in Italian. Whoops.)


  1. hahaha, oy...good luck with the, um, travel companion situation. have fun in amsterdam!

  2. Glad that the passport problem was not you. Learned your ID lessons did you. Learned about Guiness too huh.....have fun with Jess hope your jeans show up....enjoy the rest of your vacation. Can't wait for the next installment of Alaina's excellent european adventure!!<3 mom