Friday, May 21, 2010

the blues.

I'm currently sitting in the Pisa airport, waiting for my flight to Alicante, and I have the fastest internet connection I have had since I got to Europe! It only took me about 10 minutes to upload all of these photos. Hot damn.

As promised, the Sorrento installment of The Week with the Parents. Also as promised, cats. Lots and lots of cats.

This fella was the B&B Welcome Wagon, always sitting on top of one of the cars as we were returning home from one of our daily adventures.

On Tuesday, the parents and I decided to do the island of Capri, since the weather was BLISSFUL, not a cloud in the sky, and not a sign of rain: the first day of its kind since my parents had arrived in Italy, if I'm not mistaken. Both Florence and Rome had nothing but rain for us, so at the first sign of sun, we took to the water.

Check out that sky! This was in Sorrento, on the way to the Marina Piccola ("Little Marina") where we caught our hydrofoil to Capri.

Waiting to board...

I actually read my book most of the boat ride there (whoops), but took some photos when we docked.

I have seriously never seen such beautiful blue water.

As soon as we landed in Capri, we went to buy tickets to see the Blue Grotto, which is (I think) Capri's major tourist attraction. At any rate, it's supposed to be gorgeous. Inside, the light refracts off the blue water and turns the inside of the whole cave an incredible shade of blue. But of course, our bad luck came through: due to rough seas and high tide, no boats were going into the Blue Grotto that day. Boo!

The boat took us around the entire island, though, which was fun. Here's me and Mom on the boat.

The Lover's are supposed to kiss your significant other (or a friend) as you go under for good luck.

And here is Mom holding Dad in the boat as he leans dangerously over the rail, trying to get a picture of something. Typical.

After our tour was over, we grabbed a quick lunch before heading to the city of Anacapri, located on the other side of the island. The bus ride there was crazy. Combining the insanity of Italian drivers with steep cliffs that plunge directly into the Mediterranean is never a good idea.

In Anacapri, we went to see the Monte Solaro, which has an amazing view of the city of Capri and the coast. Wanna know how we got there?

By chair lift.

There she goes!

It was a little chilly on the way up and down, but the view was pretty incredible. And though I have taken many modes of transportation these past months (plane, train, automobile, boat), I do believe this was my first journey by chairlift.

You know, just chilling.

At the top.

Matching [tourist] hats. Awww.

Thennnn I decided I wanted to do a jumping picture.

Then Mom wanted to play.
We took our boat back to Sorrento around 4 PM on this monster of a ferry.

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, shopping, and generally relaxing before headed to bed early. Our plans for the next day included visiting the excavation site at Pompeii, and everyone knows that you can't go visit ancient ruins on anything less than 8 hours of sleep.

Pompeii installment tomorrow (hopefully). Plane takes off in just over an hour (hopefully).

Only 5 days until I land in Tampa! How did that happen?


  1. Wow! Some of these pictures look like postcards. I am so incredibly jealous of you! I had to laugh at Walter leaning out of the boat....typical Waagner. :)