Thursday, May 13, 2010

have your cake and eat it, too.

What would my second-to-last day in Florence be without gelato?

That is cheesecake and sacher torte flavors. Grazie, Perche No!

Italians trying to speak English has always amused me (just as I am sure my very bad Italian enterntains them), so when I saw this the other day...I had to photograph it.

Randomly saw this gem on the Ponte Vecchio while Sam, Marissa and I were wandering it yesterday...

"Death is named McDonald's."
Thanks for the advice, Italy.

After finishing up my exams, the roommates and I headed to Trattoria Cibreo, also known as Cibreino ("Little Cibreo"). Cibreo is widely acknowledged as being one of Florence's best (and therefore most expensive) restaurants. Trattoria Cibreo shares the same kitchens and chefs, but puts out different food for a fraction of the cost.

This was the line to get in as we were leaving. You literally have to arrive within minutes of its opening, since it only has 8 tables. Luckily, we managed to snag one with little trouble.

I went with a passato di pesce, which was a kind of fish bisque. It as a bit spicy and quite tasty, but not extremely filling. Their portions were sized with the assumption that a person would order both a primi and secondi piatti (at least two courses), so when we only ordered one each, we were left a bit unsatisfied.

So of course we had to order dessert.

Aaaaand I don't know why blogger insists upon uploading this picture sideways, but this is a flourless chocolate torte that Gillian and I shared. It. was. so. good. I felt that Cibreino definitely would have lived up to its repuation had we not been the broke students that we are and ordered a secondi piatti each.

Now I'm off to spend the rest of my life packing. Joy.

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