Friday, May 14, 2010

hey, hey, hey...


Well, not yet. I'm certainly not done blogging, but this is our last night in The Palace...and the mood is somber.

It turns out that the entirety of my Italian life fits into a suitcase (or three). Whether it weighs less than 50 lbs remains to be seen.

That's right: everything is stowed, stored, packed, packaged, and put away for my journey home. My bulletin board is empty. No clothes hang in my closet. There is [almost] no food left in the kitchen.

It's too sad to think about, really, so Sam and I filled up our refillable liter-and-a-half wine bottles (mine has been dubbed "Elsa") and we're going to have a roommate party tonight. And when I say "party," I mean that we'll spend the night crying, whining, and reminiscing.

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