Thursday, May 20, 2010

when in rome... not do as the Waagners do. Because if you do it the way the Waagners do, you will end up realizing that someone stole your wallet on a crowded Roman metro.

True story.

Anyway, sorry for the unoriginal title, but there is a helicopter-sized mosquito (or five) buzzing around my head, and my computer is about to die because it literally took an hour to upload these ten photos, so quick and dirty is all you get.

Theme for the week: Cats. There will be many, many more of these lovely feline photos to come in the Sorrento installment of The Week with My Parents, but for now, just one.

This photo is dedicated to my brother Travis, who apparently became obsessed with cats sometime between the time our cat died two years ago and now.

We took a walk to the Vatican...

Then to the Colosseum, where my dad had to, of course, touch everything. And know everything about every kind of rock ever used to build the Colosseum. Apparently, along with learning basic Italian, I am expected to know about the building techniques of the ancient Romans. Whoops.

Mom throwing her coin into the Trevi Fountain...

Then we went into the Piazza Navona, where there was some sort of mini-festival set up, and they were sending up these shapes made out of BUBBLES up into the air!
See the star?

And the "EU"?

Playing with bubbles.

We also saw some Roman catacombs...

Sunglasses + scarves = family resemblance?

Anyway, I apologize again for the lack of substance in this blog but I will say it again: it is not my fault! I'm looking at you, Blogger.

Tomorrow, the parents and I are off to do Lucca for the day, then my flight departs for Alicante at 8:55 PM from Pisa. Hopefully, my hostel will have internet so that I can catch up on the other happenings of this past week, and show you pictures of what are assured to be the most blissful three beach days of my life.


  1. did you have lady gaga stuck in your head the whole time again? ;)

  2. Seeing your Dad/Walter touching the rock and wanting to know ALL things....reminds me of my Mom. They are SO much alike it's scary!